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I teach Biology and Python, sharing all my favourite topics and more with enthusiastic students. I mostly teach virtually, but I also had the privilege of teaching an in-person pre-med program during the summer ’22. Additionally, I work with HSA as a basement manager for The Harvard Shop. I started off as a stock associate there, where my role was to keep the stores fully stocked and prepare new products by tagging and folding them.

How did I start working with HSA?

I’m an international student from South Africa, so naturally, I had to search for employment affiliated with Harvard. I also had previous tutoring experience from high school, so when I noticed an opportunity to continue this passion through The Academies, I was thrilled. In the summer, I had much more time on my hands, so I searched for a second job; that’s when I started working for The Harvard Shop. I have loved it ever since!

What’s your favourite thing about HSA?

My favourite thing about HSA is the people. I have made wonderful friends through my work here, and they make it truly worthwhile. When the work environment is a place of friendship and laughter, and is filled with people that motivate you, it becomes a place you want to be. I’m very grateful for that.

What does your day-to-day routine look like?

In my new leadership role at the Harvard Shop, I still do the same work as before, with a few extra responsibilities like managing stock workers, taking on and assisting with various projects, and making sure basement operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible!
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If you had one thing to tell someone about HSA what would it be?

HSA is an incredible team to be part of. I constantly learn new things, get exposed to great opportunities, and interact with diverse individuals. The people here are talented, welcoming, and always eager to improve. My job(s) inspire me, and keep me on my toes!

HSA Mission Statement

To educate, empower, and inspire Harvard College students with meaningful employment opportunities and hands-on business experience.
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