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FY24 Personnel Manager

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My name is Jonas, and I am freshman studying Comparative Literature and Statistics. In my free time, I like to watch soccer, and enjoy travelling and learning new languages. On campus, I am also a part of the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations and Harvard Undergraduate UNICEF Club.

What do you do in your job?

As the Personnel Manager for The Academies, I am in charge of staffing programs through our shift-planning software, I organise payroll, and lead hiring, training and socials with instructors. The Operations side of my job covers all logistics for The Academies, including collecting KPIs, making sure our programs run smoothly, handling customer service and going on consultation calls with prospective clients.

How did you start working at HSA?

I applied to HSA because I had never worked in a business before and was curious to see what skills I could learn by joining one on-campus. I am pleased that in my time as a first-year manager at The Academies I have gained a tremendous amount of experience and gotten out of my role as much as I have put in.

What’s your favourite part about HSA?

Apart from the people, the best part about HSA has to be free and discounted perks we get with the job. Not only is the discount code at the Harvard Shop a nice touch when buying the family Harvard merch, but the level of depth that you can create in your friendships on HSA-sponsored meals, socials and retreats is unparalleled!
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If you had one thing to tell someone about HSA what would it be?

Even if you’re not sure whether you’re interested in business or entrepreneurship, HSA is the perfect opportunity to hone many hard and soft skills. Through HSA you will become a better leader, develop new management techniques and learn what it is like to work inside a large organisation.

HSA Mission Statement

To educate, empower, and inspire Harvard College students with meaningful employment opportunities and hands-on business experience.
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