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Kieran is a sophomore from Long Island, New York living in Currier House. He is studying History & Literature with an Economics secondary. In addition to managing HSA Tutoring, he is a Staff Writer for The Harvard Crimson’s Arts Board and he plays for the Harvard Men’s Soccer Club. In his free time, Kieran can be found watching movies or listening to 70s/80s music.

How is it being MD as a student?

While being fully responsible for a company’s performance is a lot to handle when combined with homework, tests and the overall busyness of college life, it teaches me more and more about responsibility every day. I love it!

How did you start working at HSA?

I actually started working for HSA as a tutor during my first year at the college, upon recommendations from friends who were already working at the company. Transitioning from being a tutor to managing the whole agency has been a really unique and rewarding process.

What’s your favorite part about HSA?

Beyond just the great people I get to work with every day, my favorite part about HSA is how ambitious this group is. I’m constantly inspired by my peers to be better than I was the day before.
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If you had one thing to tell someone about HSA what would it be?

Unlike other pre-professional organizations on campus, HSA is a real company with real stakes; if you’re at all interested in this space, and in making big decisions that will prepare you for the world of business, this is the place for you. And you can work with your friends all the while.

HSA Mission Statement

To educate, empower, and inspire Harvard College students with meaningful employment opportunities and hands-on business experience.
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