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FY24 Chief Operations Officer

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Sophia is a sophomore from New York City currently living in Leverett. She is planning to concentrate in History with a secondary in AFVS. Outside of HSA, Sophia is an associate on the Crimson's business board and is involved in HackHarvard as Co-Director of Marketing & Design. She enjoys binge-watching documentaries/docuseries and shows, hanging out with friends, creating art, and traveling.

How is it being COO of a company?

Being COO of HSA is definitely a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Transitioning from a more creative field — marketing — to an operations-heavy and financial role, I had the opportunity to approach problem-solving in a more creative strategic way. The cool part of being COO is definitely learning how everything — from the software to the strategies of each agency — integrates together to form the infrastructure of the day-to-day operations of this company.

How did you start working at HSA?

After learning about the hands-on experience of HSA at virtual Visitas, I decided to apply for the Summer Marketing Bootcamp. I loved my experience, and I joined HSA in September 2021 as the FY23 Marketing Manager of The Harvard Shop. On my first day of work, I was welcomed with warmth, and I was surprised by the supportive community — especially in allowing me to run with a crazy idea.

What is your favorite part about HSA?

My favorite part about HSA is definitely the people. HSA is run by students — that means working with people the same age as you, which is a lot of fun!
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If you had one thing to tell someone about HSA what would it be?

HSA is a forever family. You will find your home at HSA. Alumni from decades past still come and visit, supporting us as we build the foundation for the future years to come.

HSA Mission Statement

To educate, empower, and inspire Harvard College students with meaningful employment opportunities and hands-on business experience.
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